VideONet Eyes  ™

VideONetEyes™ is a platform for transmission, monitoring and recording of live video from smartphones.

"Imagine that you could sit in your alarm receiving center or control room and instantaneously receive live video feeds from smartphones or pads, where ever they are, crisp clear live action - this is what VideONetEyes™ can give you"

VideONetEyes™ is a gamechanger:
• It is a concept that promises to revolutionize the work of security companies and field service work.
• The amount of cameras available for input of situation awareness data increases by a large factor.
• There is no need for investment in remote hardware.
• The camera locations are by design both movable and mobile and can reach next to any location.
• A regional or national safety organization can distribute the app to its citizens, raising the number of eyes in the community to near infinity.

As proof of concept  VideONet has productified three basic solutions, EyesOnSite™, EyesOnDuty™ and CitizenEyes™ 

All VideONetEyes™ Apps can be customized to any organizations Logo and receiving service and be installed from a local download or from regular app services. Once loaded the app starts live video transmission from the smartphones selected camera on a single click in the app or on a separate Bluetooth button device that can be placed in a convenient location.

The EyesOnSite™ concept consists of one or more servers that can be accessed on the local wireless network or through the mobile data network. The service listens for and acknowledges connections with requesting smartphone apps. Once connected the streaming video feed is recorded and sent live to any logged on EyesOnSite™ Operator stations together with transmitter ID.

The EyesOnDuty™ concept adds the ability to track the sender on a map by mobile positioning services creating an indefinitely larger area of supervised work.

The CitizenEyes™ concept adds the possibility that any citizen can download the app and send live video from accidents or incidents that they witness. The CitizenEyes™  concept has positioning and adds also the possibility to get the EID of the sending unit and block misusers. The EyesOnSite™ Operator stations are Windows workstations with one or more monitors, or a video-wall. Incoming feeds are presented in a multi view screen in incoming order. The recorded video is accessible immediately after transmission.