Video analytics for process control

Virify is a software system for generalized, modular, scalable and reusable video analytics for autonomous process control applications.
Generalized in the sense that the Virify system has a standardized infrastructure and internal intercommunication that is identical in all applications and that is fully independent of the different analytic tasks.
Modular in the sense that all parts of the system are standalone executables communicating over TCP connections.
Scalable in the sense that the modules can be distributed over as many computers as required to manage the computations and as many modules as needed can be combined in a system.
Reusable in the sense that, aside from the actual algorithm module, all processing modules are the same in all applications. Even the algorithm module (i.e Object module) can be reused with different configuration in reasonably similar processes to be analysed.


In sawmills we can help raise productivity and resource utilization by measuring log input, by automation of sorting and by providing events to control an even flow, avoiding congestion issues.

Paper Mills

In paper mills we can establish continuous measurement of rolls and alert of deviations from planned production. We can also inspect and verify quality of wrapping, packaging and labelling.

Custom Solutions

Virify can be used in creation of digital copies of the production flow, enabling surface inspection, volume measurement, over- and underfill alerts and as a source of KPIs.

Videonet - the flexible vms platform


The VideONet system is first of all a software system. It can interface standard hardware from next to every CCTV and PC manufacturer and create large, complex systems by integrating any number of local CCTV installations over an arbitrary TCP/IP network infrastructure. The resulting system can be monitored from any number of clients at any part of the network. Monitoring can be done in dedicated operator stations or integrated in other management systems with or without video-walls.

All VideONet software modules are built on a plug-in structure to allow for differentiated functionality in different parts of the system, and to allow future development of new functionality within an existing system. The software is installed in standard Intel servers, using Microsoft Windows operative system. In the extensive option list, auxiliary functions for; data exchange with other management systems by XML and OPC, live transmission of bi-directional audio and access control support can be mentioned. To the VideONet system ancillary functionality can be added as plug-ins. Examples of applications are; Video motion detection, Object detection,

Human detection, Crowd management, License plate reading and Face recognition. These plug-ins are developed by VideONet and third-party suppliers,

The key point is that the VideONet system is fully independent of type or brand of cameras and CCTV equipment in the different parts of the system, the operators or integration software uses a unified interface to monitor and control the sites.


Videonet plug-ins

VideONet connect

The VideONetConnect suite is a collection of Objects and Aspects for ABB system 800xA. The package contains camera objects, "Videoplates" and a graphical object for merging video into process graphics. It also contains the VideONet client software required to connect to VideONet servers.

See more about the solution (external site)

VideONetEyes  ™

VideONetEyes™ is a platform for transmission, monitoring and recording of live video from smartphones. 

"Imagine that you could sit in your alarm receiving center or control room and instantaneously receive live video feeds from smartphones or pads, where ever they are, crisp clear live action - this is what VideONetEyes™ can give you"

Videonet video wall

With a VideONet Video Wall Client you can present large amounts of camera streams,external systems, live video etc on standard flat screen monitors at a fraction of the cost of old school hardware video walls.

videonet opc

VideONet OPC is an open gateway between VideONets event management and any OPC enabled management system. WIth a VideONet OPC server in your VideONet system it is possible to present alarms from intelligent video devices, cameras or communication issues and operator activities in your process management system. It is also possible to control trigging of videorecordings and issue operator notifications in the VideONet system from your process control system. 

videonet vca

The VideONet VCA framework is a part of the VideONet server plug-in API. It is designed to take advantage of the funcionality in third-party VCA software algorithms.